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Havve Hogan is the drummer and one of the founding members of the TWRP. Havve is perhaps most well known for his violent and unpredictable behavior. It is unclear whether Havve is a robot, a cyborg, or some other kind of creature. While Havve exhibits robotic behaviors such as recharging, shutting down, and programming, it would appear, according to Doctor Sung’s story of how they met, that Havve previously had internal organs.



Havve's first outfit consisted of an all-white morphsuit with a matching white gas mask referred to as his "anti-cruelty mask"[1]


Havve began wearing a morphsuit that was black and white, split vertically down the center of his body. His gas mask was painted black and white, matching his morphsuit. The only piece of armor that Havve wore was a piece on his right shoulder and upper arm.


TWRP's last outfits before their 2015 redesign.

In 2015, Havve briefly wore an outfit that resembled his current one, featuring a robotic head with a large, jagged jaw. He also wore armor on his shoulders, upper arms, forearms, knees, and shins. Unlike the color scheme of his previous outfit, this one was all-black except for a hot pink chain that he wore across his waist[2].

Havve's current outfit features a robotic head with glowing red eyes, large, jagged teeth, and white chest, shoulder, upper arm, thigh, and shin armor worn over an all-black morphsuit. The armor has a weathered look resembling rust.


Early Life[]

Havve Hogan was first discovered, unconscious, by Doctor Sung in the Mesozoic Period. Sung successfully resuscitated Havve by replacing his heart with an 808 drum[3]. This account conflicts with a 2012 interview with Noisography where Havve stated that he was spawned in Phil Collins’ toilet[4]. Havve's origins were further obfuscated when, in a 2016 Reddit AMA, two contradicting claims are made: That Havve's heart was replaced with an 808 drum when he was 13, and that Sung met Havve at drum camp when he as 16[5].


Havve became a member of Tupper Ware Remix Party when Doctor Sung, Lord Phobos, and Commander Meouch traveled through time to the Mesozoic Period and picked him up.

The band has named him “least responsible” for the fact that he has “Killed a lot of people for no reason”. In a 2015 interview, Doctor Sung explained that Havve was known to maim and murder early Homo sapiens, but the behavior was excused on account of Havve’s ability to keep perfect time[3]. He went on to mention that Havve "hasn't killed in months" which may suggest that his murderous tendencies are getting under control. Although mute, Havve possesses a telepathic link with Doctor Sung whom he uses as an interpreter[citation needed]. Sung has also stated that Havve was not programmed to understand sexual innuendo, so one must be careful with what is said around the drummer[citation needed].

Havve used a text-to-speech app on a phone to communicate with his friends during a TWRP and Ninja Sex Party livestream.

Alternate Origin Story[]

Havve's original origin story differs enormously form this current one. According to his biography on Tupper Ware Remix Party's Evolve 2010 Line Up webpage, Havve is described as an "eccentric air tyrant of East Asia." He lived in an interplanetary dirigible known as the "Space Minirigible where he spent his time inventing tools to benefit mankind. Following an zeppelin accident that left him with "brutal 273rd degree burns," Havve was shunned by the public and secluded himself. Many years later he emerged and sought revenge against those who disregarded him. He destroyed villages and became increasingly more violent and descended into madness. His madness grew so large that "his mind imploded, and became a dastardly intra-universe wormhole" and sent him to the fifth dimension where he met Doctor Sung. Doctor Sung created an "anti-cruelty mask" and helped reform Havve[1].




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