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TWRP (formerly an acronym for Tupper Ware Remix Party) is an intergalactic synth-pop electro-funk band from Toronto, Canada. The band consists of members Doctor Sung, Lord Phobos, Commander Meouch, and Havve Hogan. The band is notable for performing in full costume, leaving their faces and real identities hidden.


2007-2010: Formation, Sex Is A Machine That Likes To Dance, Poised To Dominate[]

Tupper Ware Remix Party was founded in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 2007. The original line-up consisted of four members: Doctor Sung, Havve Hogan, Stone LaChismo. In 2007 they released their first EP, Sex Is A Machine That Likes To Dance. In 2009 Bombus Tron joined turning them from a trio to a four piece act of unimaginable groove. Their first full-length album, Poised To Dominate, was released in 2010.

2011-2012: Line-up Changes, The Device[]

In 2011, Several line-up changes took place. Stone LaChismo departed the band, and Atomicawk Startrotter became the new bassist. TWRP also gained two new members during this time: Lord Phobos on guitar and Commander Meouch on synthesizers and vocoder. The single, "Lazerhorse" was released in 2011. The Device was released in 2012. For a brief moment in time in 2012, TWRP performed as a six-piece band. The band returned to being a five-piece band following Atomicawk's departure towards the end of 2012.

2012-2014: Touring, departure of Bombus Tron[]

Following the release of The Device, TWRP continued touring as a five-piece band. In 2013, the band traveled to China to perform in the Liuzhou Water Festival. Numerous songs were written and performed during this era, including "Fun Rack," "Plasma Wizard," and several songs with unknown names. Many of these songs remain unreleased. Bombus Tron departed from the band in 2014.

TWRP in 2013. From left to right: Havve Hogan, Commander Meouch, Doctor Sung, Bombus Tron, Lord Phobos.

2015-2017: Rise to popularity[]

Starting in 2015, TWRP saw a massive rise in popularity thanks to collaborations with Ninja Sex Party and prolific series of EPs. During this time, TWRP released four original EPs (2nite, Believe In Your Dreams, Guardians of the Zone, and Ladyworld), and performed as Ninja Sex Party's backing band on Under the Covers and Under the Covers II.


In May 2018, TWRP released their first full-length album since 2010, Together Through Time. Together Through Time featured collaborations with Dan Avidan, Lydia Persaud, JP Incorporated, Planet Booty, and The Protomen. Their collaboration with Ninja Sex Party continued as well, performing once again as a backing band on Cool Patrol. Doctor Sung released his first solo EP, Justice Wears High Tops in October 2018. TWRP provided backing tracks for Starbomb's third album, The Tryforce in 2019. Lord Phobos released his first solo EP, Phobos I, in May 2019. TWRP's third album, Return to Wherever, was released in July 2019. TWRP reprised their role as Ninja Sex Party's backing band on Under the Covers III, released in November 2019.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, TWRP was able to complete their Together At Last...Again tour with The Protomen. In April 2020, TWRP started The TWRP Show, a weekly live stream on They performed songs, played video games, and answered questions sent in by viewers who made donations. Lord Phobos also released a second solo EP, Phobos II, that same month. In September 2020, TWRP released their third album, Over the Top, featuring collaborations with Dan Avidan, Planet Booty, The Gambler, and Andrew Huang. In June 2021, TWRP released a compilation of TV cover songs titled Lil' Shiny Tunes Vol. 1. TWRP's fourth album, New & Improved, was released on November 25, 2021. New & Improved featured collaborations with Diamond Cafe, Starcaidan, Alex Moukala, Chris Hadfield, and Magic Sword.


Origins of the Band[]

TWRP performing with the Mobile Fun Unit in 2012. Photo by Ian Irving.

Each member was hand-selected by Doctor Sung from the far reaches of the multiverse.[1][2] They crash-landed on earth in 2007, ruining their ship’s hyperdrive and effectively stranding themselves in Halifax, Nova Scotia [3][4][5][6]. In 2012, they relocated to Toronto, Ontario where they have recorded a majority of their material[1][2][6]. Prior to their crash, TWRP was traveling through space on a mission to eliminate boredom and sadness from the universe, but when they witnessed rampant boredom across Atlantic Canada, they decided to stay[7]. Their arch-nemesis, Doc Boredom, often makes appearances at their shows but is routinely foiled[1]. TWRP also battles against The Haters, “sworn enemies of the fun who are bent on hater-ing them and un-groovifying the world at large”[8]. To aid them in their mission, TWRP created the Mobile Fun Unit, a “battery-powered, dumbed-down version of their typical set up used to wage guerrilla warfare against boredom” on the streets of Toronto[5][1][7].

On several occasions, the members of TWRP have mentioned that they are immortal beings who have traveled through space and time[1][6]. Having been experienced time travelers, TWRP has revealed some secrets about the future of humanity. For example, in the 2016 US Presidential Election, Canadian rock band Nickelback wins the election and becomes President of the United States[9]. It is worth noting that, in the future, a band with a similar sounding name, Nickelbalk, owns the Canadian province of Alberta and has become its own county led by Chald Krunger. The nation of Alberta exclusively listens to Trumpet Rock, one of the three genres of music that TWRP holds disdain towards. The other two genres are Adult Techno and Scrandiddly. Commander Meouch compares the future of humanity to that of Biff’s timeline from the 1989 movie, Back to the Future Part II[1].

Despite the extraordinary circumstances of their existence, it has been confirmed that TWRP has human dads[4].

TWRP has, on several occasions, denied allegations that they wear costumes. In an interview with Music She Blogs, they explain that “in the unbounded multiverse each and every possible reality exists simultaneously… and we just happen to come from a reality where dudes look like us”[5]. They have admitted that their armor was created by their human friend and artist, Keith Sheppard[10][11]. Their armor and helmets may serve functional purposes. On Doctor Sung's personal Tumblr page (inactive since 2012), he stated "The truth is, my pylonic headgear actually acts as a mojo-inhibitor - without it my libido would be so destructively powerful that a single thrust of my pelvis would shred the fabric of reality, causing the formation of an all-consuming supermassive [sic] black hole, and the end of life as you know it"[12]. In a 2018 AMA, TWRP described their appearance out of their suits as having "no distinguishing features whatsoever" and that they are "four pink fleshy balloons, completely indistinguishable one from the other.[13]"

Origins of the Name[]

The origin of the name, Tupper Ware Remix Party, is conflicted. In a 2012 interview with Music She Blogged, the band stated that the words "Tupper," "Ware", "Remix", and "Party" were the first four words spoken by Havve Hogan when they asked themselves “What the fuck are we going to call ourselves”[5]. This account is contradicted in a 2015 interview with Dave Hurlow of Scope Magazine, where Doctor Sung claims he chose the name because he liked the way it sounded, even though the words had no meaning to him at the time[2]. This account is also called into question when, in a 2016 Reddit AMA, they claim that Tupper Ware Remix Party was the result of putting their names into Google and translating it into English[14]. In a 2017 Reddit AMA, it is explained that "Sung and Hogan met at drum camp (millions of years ago), and became fast friends. One night, after watching Interstella 5555 high af and eating an entire bag of Riesen, the two pals joked about making a ridiculous band. Literally, the first name that came to mind, with absolutely zero thought or hesitation, was Tupper Ware Remix Party" [15]. In a 2018 AMA, TWRP revealed that their band name, stage names, appearances and many early decisions were made arbitrarily. To avoid legal issues, they prefer to go by TWRP [16].

Band Members[]

TWRP is an elite squad of rockstars from the future originally crash landing in Halifax, Nova Scotia. They are currently on a mission to spread fun and eliminate boredom across the universe. Current stop: Earth, Current Continent: North America.

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